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"music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot be silenced" -Victor Hugo-
 musical expression cannot be measured, rather only felt by the senses
high fidelity audio allows one to experience music with these senses

come and experience music on some of the same systems on which it was produced
combining quality audio components, acoustics, & experience for maximum musical enjoyment
With so many recent advancements in audio playback now available, including hi-resolution recordings, hi-res digital 
​players, digital streaming and downloads, some remarkable and affordable components are now available which can put you in some pretty good seats for musical bliss.

Components featuring single compact box solutions with built-in media player, digital conversion for a myriad of formats, and 100 watts per channel of class A-D amplification, can really allow you to feel the emotive power of music. 

Seperate components still remain the
pinnacle of music reproduction and the ultimate musical experience which by virtue, should transport you to the musical venue.​!
There are many audio brands offering good performance, some with emphasis on esthetics and others performance, but it stands to reason that those which are used so extensively in the music recording industry represent the
most faithful playback. ​​
PMC loudspeakers are such an example.

Component offerings in the line up feature a balance of design criteria to suit your listening conditions, lifestyle, space, or budget. In all there are many options to suit your needs and musical preferences. Don't discount how musically rewarding any well combined system can be.

Come and have a listen...

With an audio background of over 40 years, I have listened and played with a vast diversity of audio components and systems. I quickly developed an affinity for pro world audio as it relates to studio recording with particular attention to playback monitoring systems and environments in which the recordings are produced.

These experiences have honed my understanding and ears to high standards in reproduction. It is with this knowledge that I select components, address room acoustics and set up your system. Do not underestimate the value of acoustics, it may be the final hurdle to your system reaching muscial nirvana!

Only a fully integrated service can give the best overall results for your situation​   
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