featured components
  1. The little Tube that could

    Finally here, this little Tube Integrated amplifier will knock the competition out of the park in the sub $1k range. Featuring 12 watts per channel of single ended power with 2 analogue unbalanced input sources. Hear the seductive liquid sound character of tube gear, and for the introductory price of $599 this little tube integrated offers audiophile quality sound at and beyond its category. This piece is part of our entry level package deal which can include optional speakers brands and source equipment.

  1. Acoustic Pyramid

    This pyramidal diffuser creates a great look while providing very effective diffusion. Pyramidal diffusers quickly and easily eliminate floor to ceiling standing waves or walls. They also reduce flutter echo while maintaining a warm room sound. Molded in a one-piece pyramid shape, their offset apex provides four different angles of reflection and scattering. The internal cavity of the Pyramidal Diffuser can be lined with a 1½” thick layer of glass fibre batting to increase absorption and extended bass control.

  1. P 1 component std

    Design Progression's original lifestyle component support. Standing 74" high with four shelves of stepped depth from 14",15", 16", 17" from top to bottom respectively. Features hidden wiring, spiked feet, and ease of access height for components. Triangular foot print seems to defy gravity with it's open design. limited quantities and finishes. Call for further details