There's one axiom that holds true for almost all audiophiles - most listening rooms are far from perfect acoustically. This fact is somwhat astonsihing since audiophiles have made substantial investments striving for perfect sound. But the effect of the room itself is so profound that it must be addressed. It's an important step towards avoiding the merry-go-round of component replacement.
In an untreated environment the flurry of early reflections from room boundaries prevent the listener
from hearing the true presentation of a recording, making the listening experience fall way
short of that, ”you are there”  live feeling!

Well treated sound rooms use mostly diffusion with limited absorptive acoustic treatment engineered to neutralize the room while preserving the dynamics and space of the recording. The effect is
incredible imaging and an unparallel sense of “live-ness” to the music! 

In addition to providing fine audio components, we can design a room acoustically so you can enjoy the
full benefit of your system. Below are examples of rooms and acoustic products, and with the proper execution will allow both the recordings and your equipments full potential to be realized.
don't expect more from your system than your room can deliver...
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